La découpeuse numérique rapide DYSS X5 aide Anytech Print à se développer

Anytech Print, AG/CAD et KASEMAKE

DYXX X5 Fast Digital Cutter Helps Anytech Print Expand

Creative cardboard engineering and print specialist, Anytech Limited, has installed a DYSS X5 digital cutter, supplied by AG/CAD Limited, at its Swindon premises. The investment in the DYSS was made to enhance its in-house capabilities as a response to increasing demand, and to grow the large format part of the business.

The X5 machine is working in-line with Anytech’s Xerox and Roland digital print devices to produce large format graphics and POS work. In addition, the DYSS processes short-runs of digitally printed packaging without the lengthy lead-times, set-up and costs associated with conventional die-cutting. With innovative bespoke design a key part of its services, the company is also using the DYSS X5 to prototype new creations for its customers and to add to its own product portfolio.

DYSS X5 At Anytech Print

AG/CAD’s KASEMAKE CAD software was acquired as part of the same investment, allowing Anytech to produce imaginative structural designs rapidly and efficiently. In addition, the company has found KASEMAKE’s 3D visualisation features invaluable when pitching to clients and servicing existing customers. In a matter of moments, the software is able to render proposed designs as interactive 3D mock-ups that can then be emailed for approval or proofing purposes.

Chin Williams, Anytech’s owner, also considered machines from ESKO and Summa before making his final decision. He carefully assessed each machine’s features, tools, build quality, price and after-sales package as well as control software and ease of use. The DYSS X5 with the added benefit of the KASEMAKE package came out a clear winner.

Anytech has been growing steadily since its formation. The arrival of the DYSS has meant all of the company’s print finishing can now be handled automatically in-house, giving a competitive edge on turnaround times and on price. Mr. Williams expects this crucial new investment in equipment and software to help increase company profits substantially, with the aim to at least double turnover within the next 12 months.

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