KASEMAKE और DYSS X5 को बक्से और पैकेजिंग के लिए डिज़ाइन समाधान के रूप में चुना गया

बक्से और पैकेजिंग

Vipul Patel, Designer, says:

It is fantastic to have design software and cutting tables that are responsive, agile, and efficient - allowing us to create award-winning designs that support our customer requirements for sustainable packaging solutions

Boxes and Packaging is the UK’s largest independent sheet plant network. With 12 well invested manufacturing sites covering the entire country, Boxes and Packaging (incorporating Boxshop Ltd and Red Rose Packaging) has the expertise and ability to fulfil all customer demand.

Value Added Packaging

The twelve companies cover industry sectors as diverse as E-commerce, food, automotive, and pharmaceutical to name a few. Products ranging from conventional cases to multi-part composite packs are manufactured to meet, and often exceed, customer expectations. There is also a strong focus on value-added packaging with the supply of high-quality printed retail-ready, countertop display, and free-standing merchandising units.

Gavin Richardson, CEO, Boxes and Packaging UK says:

AG/CAD offers what we need to support our designers across the UK, and we have been pleased to invest in the latest equipment for our teams over the last three years.

Design and Innovation

Design and Innovation play key roles in the continued growth of the company. Throughout the history of Boxes and Packaging, AG/CAD has supplied KASEMAKE CAD software and sample cutting solutions to the group’s designers. Investing in a common CAD software solution across the group encourages collaboration and the sharing of ideas.

KASEMAKE software is recognised as the most designer-friendly CAD package for structural design allowing for optimum creativity and productivity. Throughout the time that AG/CAD has been a supplier partner to Boxes and Packaging, KASEMAKE has seen continuous development. The software is the result of over 35 years working with the packaging industry to produce an unrivalled suite of design tools. Its speed, ease of use, functionality and built-in design templates make it essential for packaging designers around the world.

Unparalleled Design Investment

Boxes and Packaging has recently embarked on a program of design investment that is unparalleled in the UK corrugated industry. To keep pace with increasing demand, each site has invested in new digital cutter technology in the form of the market- leading DYSS X5-1625T as well as updating its CAD software to the latest version - KASEMAKE V12. Where required, comprehensive, dedicated software training has also been undertaken. Gavin Richardson, CEO, Boxes and Packaging UK:

AG/CAD offers what we need to support our designers across the UK, and we have been pleased to invest in the latest equipment for our teams over the last three years.

The DYSS X5 is well suited to corrugated packaging production. The flexible range of tools include the high-speed reciprocating knife and enhanced creasing skid. Using the intuitive material profile function in the machines K-CUT plot preparation software allows an operator to select or quickly tailor new profiles for each grade of sheet to be processed.

Superior Cutting at High Speed

Modern corrugated sheet is manufactured to retain strength whilst using a high percentage of recycled material. Earlier generation sample cutting machines used low frequency reciprocating cutting tools fitted with older blade technology. These machines often struggle to cope with modern corrugated sheet, resulting in tearing and snagging of the material being processed, necessitating frequent blade changes and resampling. The cutting tool on DYSS machines is high frequency, and the precision ground and polished tungsten carbide blades employed are designed with optimised geometry with reduced overcut.

This combination results in excellent cutting characteristics with vastly improved longevity and accuracy, resulting in superior cutting at high speed even on lower grade fluting/liner combinations. The ability to set up specific profiles, means that the days of using one speed/depth setting for all materials are long gone. An operator can add cut/crease profiles for every material grade all catering for flute direction, and they can do it quickly.

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