Compression Estimation

KASEMAKE includes Advanced Theoretical Compression Tools in order to predict the stacking capabilities of your packaging designs

Test the compression properties of your packaging easily in seconds

KASEMAKE provides a system for making theoretical performance calculations on the compression of corrugated packaging for the purpose of palletization, taking into account the environmental conditions, material, stacking layout and height.
Compression estimation functionality in KASEMAKE

Compression calculation

Specify a variety of parameters including FEFCO style, pack size, product weight, board information, etc. and the software calculates theoretical compressive strength information and indicates whether the required pack performance is achieved. You can modify different parameters to immediately see how they affect the pack performance, allowing you to make informed decisions about best material and pack style.
Compression evaluation in KASEMAKE
Compression theoretical result summary in KASEMAKE
Compression reports from KASEMAKE
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