Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

Testimonial from Swiftpak

On June 1st, 2021, I joined Swiftpak as Head of Innovation - not only a new role for me but also a change in Swiftpak’s plans for their own Design and Innovation Service. With every design facility a good design cad software package is the essential tool. KASEMAKE filled that role.

For over 30 years I had been part of three major corrugated fibre board companies - starting as a trainee to ending up head of the department. In those 30 years I had been brought up on a packaging software that will remain nameless, but the name of which I still find odd - it's named after a beer!?

A new choice of CAD software had to be taken - considerations being its ease of use, functionality, compatibility with other software, and cost. With these choices to be made one stood out: KASEMAKE.

For me this was a sea change in CAD applications. While attempting to navigate on my own through the software was manageable, I had the pleasure of one-to-one tutoring, two days of incredible training which at the end had firmly added a new ‘bunch’ of strings to my bow.

The incredible part - this training took place remotely as the country at that time were dealing with Covid and its strict rules on lockdown, if a recommendation were needed for one-to-one training remotely, this certainly would tick the box.

I’m now into my second year with Swiftpak and using KASEMAKE. For Swiftpak, this software has opened doors. We've seized opportunities quickly - with new designs, 3D images of concepts, ideas and delighted our customer base with presentations of their potential new packaging - and, ultimately, we've generated new orders. For me, my loyalty to a previous software has faded considerably. If you read this and need a new string to your bow, I certainly recommend KASEMAKE.

It is a pleasure to use a tool each day that allows creativity and the ability to challenge convention and produce new packaging innovations. So, I go back to my title of this piece and answer, yes you can, or actually I will rephrase, ‘You are never too old to learn something new ... something great and new’!

Craig Allen

Head of Innovation


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