KASEMAKE drives cutting tables, lasers and routers

KASEMAKE already supports a wide range of packaging-related machinery, but if your machine is not yet supported we can work with you to create a KASEMAKE driver

Cut it with KASEMAKE

KASEMAKE is compatible with most packaging-related output equipment on the market - from printers and pen plotters through to sample tables, digital cutters, lasers and routers.
KASEMAKE can export to generic G-code, HP-GL and DXF formats, as well as a range of proprietary formats. This plot functionality can be tailored to work with your specific equipment via a readable, text-based driver.
Depending on the communication-requirements of your CNC controller / equipment, KASEMAKE can output via TCP/IP or serial-port connections; and, as a fallback, can also plot-to-file for manual transferal to your machine.
DYSS X5 Cutting Machine

Router Offset Tool

You can use KASEMAKE to quickly prepare jobs for cutting using a router bit rather than a knife. The router offset tool automatically compensates for the diameter of the router bit making sure that the piece you are cutting is the correct size."]
The router offset tool is also capable of generating multiple passes to cut tough, dense materials in smaller passes to avoid straining the router spindle or damaging the bit.
The tool has a further option to automatically add holding tabs to avoid small pieces moving once cut. A finishing pass can also be added to give optimum edge-quality on the final cut.
Example paths produces by KASEMAKE's Router Offset Tool

Pocketing Tool

When you want to mill out flat areas in a material (e.g. when engraving text) you can use KASEMAKE’s pocketing tool. Applied to closed boundaries, this clever tool works out the most efficient paths to mill out each area with minimal lifting of the router bit.
Example paths produces by KASEMAKE's Pocketing Tool

Automated Production, Conveying and Sheet-Feeding

Many digital cutters have conveyors to move media along the machine, allowing you to handle longer-than-table or repeat jobs; or sheet-feeders to automatically load and cut sheets of material.
With KASEMAKE you can control conveyor movement and also split long jobs into cut-area length sections. As a result, you can continuously cut roll-material or enable automatic production when your table has a suitable feeder.
KASEMAKE Controlling a Sheet Feeder
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