3D Packaging Visualisation and Animation

Realistic 3D visualisation of your packaging designs enables you to present your packaging designs to your customers and to verify your structural designs before sample making or production

Creating virtual samples has never been easier

One of the standout features of KASEMAKE is its ability to generate realistic 3D visualisations of packaging designs. This allows designers to present their concepts to clients in a compelling and immersive manner.
KASEMAKE 3D simulating a corrugated truck design

Simulate Complex 3D Scenes

Show off to your clientele by rendering vast and vivid dioramas to host your latest designs in real-time 3D.
Both 2D and 3D views of your designs can be output in industry standard PDF format for distribution. 3D views remain fully live in the PDF document so the recipient can rotate and zoom the design in Adobe Reader® or Adobe Acrobat®.
Realistic Scene in KASEMAKE
Another Realistic Scene in KASEMAKE

Advanced material and corrugation visualisation

KASEMAKE utilises DirectX technology to render advanced materials that look like the real thing. Add matte or glossy finishes to your artwork and create special effects such as foil blocking and embossed reliefs.
See the internal fluting of corrugated and structural media like never before. We use a combination of procedural data generation, normal mapping, parallax and ray casting to combine and create a more realistic visualisation of a finished packaging product.
Flute effect in KASEMAKE 3D

Environment and lighting effects

Bring your 3D to life with advanced lighting and shadows. Using a technique know as ambient occlusion, the 3D is also able to perform a self-shadowing effect to make your scene really pop. You can choose an environment to make shiny surfaces reflect their surrounding space.
Lighting effects in KASEMAKE 3D

Full animation support

Create animations with our user-friendly interfaces and distribute as you wish via our mp4 movie exports.
We use an easy-to-learn key-frame-based system that can interpolate the positions, rotations, scales of individual objects and the fold-angles of individual panels of a box between different points in time.
A folding parametric standard, exported from KASEMAKE

Generate perfect fitments with Boolean subtraction!

KASEMAKE has support to perform Boolean subtraction on 3D models. One main use of this feature is to subtract the 3D model of a product from the fitments intended to secure it. This allows you to create the complex cut-outs and apertures in fitments to house, support, and protect a product perfectly.
3D Boolean Subtraction

Producing realistic, virtual 3D packaging proofs to send to your customers is easy with KASEMAKE...

What Our Customers Say

“We utilise KASEMAKE throughout the company. The 3D function is a great sales aid! Customer confidence is improved with the ability to view a virtual printed mock up, prior to manufacturing expensive flexographic plates and tooling.” Belmont Packaging

Find out for yourself why KASEMAKE is the UK's favourite CAD Packaging Design Software

KASEMAKE CAD Packaging Design Software has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both seasoned professionals and newcomers in the packaging design field. Its ease of use contributes significantly to a smooth learning curve and fast adaptation. Why not try if for yourself?
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