KASEMAKE for Die Making

KASEMAKE includes advanced functionality for Die Making. Tools specifically designed to aid in the construction of flat bed and rotary formes are at the designer's disposal.

Create die formes quickly and easily with KASEMAKE

KASEMAKE includes advanced functionality for die makers.
Generate full die formes, male and female stripping units, and counters ready for estimating, exporting out to a die maker, or to produce on a precision router.
KASEMAKE supports the CITO clip-strip system of stripping tools.
Die Layout, created by KASEMAKE

Fully customisable Die Making tools

All KASEMAKE’s Die Making tools such as bridging, stripping, and die board creation are fully customisable. The designer can save specific groups of settings for use again and again.
As a result the whole process speeds up because once set up, you can add all die board features like stripping and balance knives, drill holes, notches and hand holes with a couple of mouse clicks.
Dieboard produced from KASEMAKE

Multi-up Layouts

KASEMAKE’s clever layout tools can generate multi-up sheet layouts, calculating best usage automatically or working to user-defined constraints.
Potentially there may be a number of possible solutions, so the system shows these results in order of greatest utilisation, allowing you to choose the solution that best meets your production methods.


Designers can quickly make both flat and rotary dies.
Save a library of your die boards and drill hole patterns for repeat use
A full library of clip strip fixings are available to drag and drop straight into your design
Automated internal and external stripping tools speed up the process
Highly sophisticated and configurable automated bridging
Create complex counters automatically
Finished designs are saved into an integral database - for repeated orders
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