Intuitive drawing tools for packaging design

Designers around the world consider KASEMAKE to be the easiest to use and the best packaging design software on the market

Ease of use, flexibility and speed underpin all the drawing tools in KASEMAKE

In the dynamic world of product packaging - precision, creativity, and efficiency are paramount. KASEMAKE transforms the landscape of packaging design.
Tailored to cater to the diverse requirements of packaging professionals across industries, KASEMAKE stands out as a comprehensive solution for crafting visually appealing, structurally sound, and cost-effective packaging designs.
KASEMAKE Panel tool in action

Fast, lightweight and reliable tools for quickly constructing the most common packaging shapes and styles

KASEMAKE comes with a comprehensive set of tools for all simple and complex line drawing solutions.
We use an intuitive interface that makes it easy for designers to navigate and use its various tools effectively, streamlining the design process and saving time.
Chamfer and Fillet tools in KASEMAKE

KASEMAKE users can create bespoke packaging

The software supports the creation of physical prototypes, providing designers with the tools they need to translate their digital designs into tangible, real-world packaging samples for testing and evaluation. Our recommended drawing method is direct and immediate with no need for construction lines like other packaging design software. However, construction line tools are available, should you wish to use them.
Intuitive dimensioning tools in KASEMAKE

See the drawing tools in action...

What Our Customers Say

“KASEMAKE is intuitive and easy to use. Not having a requirement to create construction lines means not having to duplicate work as with alternative software packages. This is just one example of improved usability!” Zeus Packaging
“I have worked with AG/CAD software and equipment for several years and the advancement in the technology has been amazing. It is fantastic to have design software and cutting tables that are responsive, agile, and efficient allowing us to create award-winning designs that support our customer requirements for sustainable packaging solutions.” Boxes and Packaging (Leicester)
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