Material Optimisation, Wastage and Costings

KASEMAKE includes Intelligent Layout Tools, Wastage Calculation Tools and Costing Tools to minimise wastage, meet your green targets, and drive your costs down

Intelligent Layout Tools (Nesting) and Material Optimisation

KASEMAKE includes advanced layout tools to nest designs in order to optimise material usage. Tell KASEMAKE how many of each design you want, the size of sheet, add additional constraints such as gutter distances; and KASEMAKE will do the rest.
Multi-up layout / nest created with KASEMAKE

Minimise Wastage with KASEMAKE

The wastage calculation algorithms in KASEMAKE evaluate the amount of wasted material for a given design. This is particularly important for expensive materials; and this, along with our intelligent layout tools, is an aid to reduce your costs and to meet your green targets.
Wastage area shown in KASEMAKE

Wastage results are shown graphically and can be exported as an easy-to-read report

KASEMAKE shows the wastage area along with the areas and weights of individual parts.
Wastage calculation produced from KASEMAKE


KASEMAKE can evaluate the precise length of each ground (layer). The user can set the cost per meter (or foot) of each ground, hence you can evaluate the overall rule cost.
Adding in miscellaneous costs such as the cost per area of wood used, and any die making fitments used, gives a combined costing that can be exported as an easy-to-read report.
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