KASEMAKE Artwork Linking

KASEMAKE drawings can link to artwork designed with Adobe Illustrator®, CorelDraw® and all other artwork / illustration / graphic packages

Starting with a structural design drafted in KASEMAKE

Export your structural design as a PDF, Adobe Illustrator®, EPS or DXF file and import into your artwork package or send to your graphic designer.
KASEMAKE structural design

Design your artwork in your favourite graphics package such as Adobe Illustrator® or CorelDraw®

Using the structural design from KASEMAKE as a template, design your artwork to match the structure of your design perfectly.
Designing artwork for KASEMAKE in Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw

Import your artwork into KASEMAKE, overtop your structural design

KASEMAKE retains a link to your artwork file so that any changes you make in your graphics package can be reflected in KASEMAKE.
KASEMAKE supports a wide range of raster and vector file formats to use artwork. You will generally import your artwork as a PDF, EPS or AI file.
Importing artwork into KASEMAKE

Fold to 3D

Using the fantastic 3D tools in KASEMAKE, you can fold your design, with artwork applied, to see how it will look in real life.
Artwork applied to a structural design in 3D

See how the same design looks with different artwork

Edit the artwork in your graphics package then refresh the KASEMAKE view to instantly see your changes reflected in 3D.
Alternatively, re-link your drawing to use an entirely different artwork file. You can export each variation as a 3D PDF to send to your customer to enable them to choose their preferred option.
Replacing artwork automatically updates KASEMAKE 3D

Watch artwork linking in action...

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